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Have you forgotten the Widows?

Someone asked me if I could give them some money.

I responded, “Lol, do you think it’s okay that I take away from my household when you clearly have the means to take care of yourself?”

I’ve noticed some people always asking to borrow money despite having two incomes.

Some request money but are frequently out eating, drinking, shopping, and gambling. I told them not to come my way asking for money if they’re not being a good steward over your finances. 🛒🛍️💊💈🚬🚫🚫🚫🚫 Do your thing, but not at my expense.

Afterward, I looked up verses about people who take advantage of others.

I revisited the first scripture I posted earlier about taking care of home. However, I also read this specific chapter multiple times.

The Lord started to talk to me about widows. Then I heard the Lord say: 🚨

“The angel of the Lord says,

I come for my widows.

My widows should be taken care of,

gifted with things and finances.

My widows shall arise in this season.

They have been neglected by my people and my church.

REPENT and DO for my widows,” says the Spirit of the Lord!

Reflection :

when is the last time you have given to a widow ? Not just someone you know but strangers.

Has your ministry given back to the widows consistently? Not just in your church but in your community?

Is there a widow you can do better by ? Is there a widow in your neighborhood you can donate too ?

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