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Attention Members* Membership Classes

Blessings BreakOut Church,

Calling all members in for our first breakout church new members class. Since all of our members have never had a class, that would be everyone who is a member of the breakout church. Please confirm with me your membership on this platform or private message me, we are going to be having a new members class starting next week Monday the 11th. Details below.


If you are not sure If you are a member or if you have been confirmed, signed up, etc. Don't hesitate to reach out or if you want to confirm your membership online, You can do so with the link below 👇👇

All of those who would like to become members of the breakout church and feel the Lord is calling them in this way. Please fill out the form below! 🙏

For All members and new members

Membership Classes online are free & begin next week Monday July 11th Through Friday July 15th. Classes will be messenger style class room designed to meet any schedule, Classes can be watched and taken anytime during the day.


Become a Member

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